Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

The "Twitter effect" is on the rise day by day.For all those who haven't yet heard of it, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" to their webpage using SMS,IM or other 3rd part applications.Updates of each user can be found on their profile page.Users can receive updates via the Twitter website, instant messaging, SMS, RSS, email or through an application.
Tips from Techquila Shots
  • Digg interface — allow people to vote up their favorite twitters.
  • Mash ebay’s API  with twitter username
  • Techmeme of twitterers — Techmeme keeps track of what the tech blogosphere is blogging about — do the same for Twitter
  • Timeline for each city — start storing the public timeline xml feed and allowing a user to input a specific city to see what’s been said lately by people that live there.
  • RSS feeds of keyword specific queries — A Twitter search engine already exists (you could do the same by pulling all twitters from public timeline xml feed), but it should also be an RSS feed, so you can see who’s talking about something you care about (music bands, product, movie, sports team, city, etc).
  • Twitter Tag Cloud —  start indexing the public timeline xml feed and see what everyone is talking about .
  • Twitter users specify a blog — start indexing those and tying people together based on their friends and followers.
  •  My followers live where? I’d love to see a Google Map of all my followers
  • MyBlogLog — a widget that people put in their webpage, which displays recent twitter visitors to their page.
twitterrific_logo bird
From Twitter Hacks
  • Twitter Pack Project : PBWiki is hosting an interesting project for Twitter called the Twitter Pack Project which groups twitter users into “packs” based on interests, locations, companies, events and more. The idea is to help Twitter users find other Twitter users who share the same interests as they do.
  • MoodBlast for Mac OS X : MoodBlast is a cool little menu bar app that lets you “blast” your “mood”, or, just a quick blurb, update, link, whatever, to most of the popular social and microblogging platforms including facebook, skype, ichat, jaiku, twitter, and more.
From Problogger archives
twitter facebook
From FaceBook
Other Interesting Twitter Hacks
Twitterlicious : Mashup of Twitter, Del.icio.us, and Ma.gnolia.com(Twitterlicious.com)


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