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You can easily track the exact location of your lost android phone by turning on the GPS service remotely through sms and then monitoring real-time mobile phone location on your browser. To turn On GPS remotely, you’ll need to have root access to your phone and also install an application called wavesecure as a system app. Read below to find out how to track your lost android phone from PC.
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How to Track Lost Mobile Phone or cell phones by remotely turning On GPS
First of all, you’ll have to root your android device. [For rooting your device, just head over to androidforums website or Google it]
After getting root access, remove or uninstall all wavesecure applications if you’ve already installed.
Try any of the following methods to install wavesecure as system app.
1) If you have recovery images like Amon RA or ClockworkMod installed on your phone which can install files. The just download the latest update file from wavesecure through this link. Place the file in the memory card of the phone and restart into recovery console. Install
2) For doing this method, you should have Android debug bridge [adb] installed. Download the wavesecure application by going to and click on "Trouble downloading? Click here". This will download the latest apk to your memory card. Copy this apk file to root of your memory card for eg: C:\ drive.
Then mount the system partition for writing.
adb remount
Push wavesecure.apk into your mobile phone.
adb push wavesecure.apk /system/app
This will push the apk into the /system/app folder of phone and Android OS will automatically install the application.
Once you’ve successfully installed wavesecure, GPS will be automatically activated when you track the mobile hone from the wavesecure website.
For that, Login to your wavesecure account and go to “Location” which is shown under “My Device” section.


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