Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Rescue Manager 2011 | 666 MB

"Rescue Manager 2011" is new CD for rescue and maintenance tasks, have alot of smart tools enables you to recover the lost data or clean the viruses when windows become failure.

CD Features
* Include anti-virus and anti-spyware tools (Live Update Available)
* Restore and management the backup and system Images
* Recover the deleted or losted data
* Recover the passwords for admin account or other users
* Diagnosis and fix startup problems
* Include all SATA Drivers
* Include all Lan Drivers, Network and USB
* Possibility of Internet connection
* Free Win7 Live BartPE for easy accessing to your data
* Get info for all system devices
* Measure temp of CPU and the system
* Remote Assistance Tools
* Win7 Recovery Tools for Windows7 maintenance
* Include MSDarT Tools for advances maintenance tasks and rescue

List of Tools
- WinPE 7 Live
- Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010
- DrWeb 2010
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
- SUPER AntiSpyWare
- Startup Repair
- System Restore
- System Image Recovery
- Windows Memory Diagnosis
- Command Prompt
- Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
- ERD Registry Editor
- Locksmith
- Crash Analyzer
- File Search
- File Restore
- Disk Commander
- Disk Wipe
- Computer Managment
- Files and Folders Explorer
- Solution Wizard
- TCP/IP Config
- Hotfix Uninstall
- SFC Scan
- Standalone Syatem Sweeper
- 7-Zip File Manager
- TeamViewer
- Recover4all
- PDF Reader
- NotePad
- MSN Messenger
- Drivers Installer
- InfraRecorder
- FSViewer
- Everest
- Core Temp

Link to download:

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