Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

iPad Top Paid App Pack - (P2P)

Apps Included:
  • Bills for iPad (v1.0): Cracked by: Aber1 Kanobee
  • Pages (v1.1): Cracked by: Laptop123
  • Angry Birds (v1.2.2): Cracked by: wk379
  • GoodReader for iPad (v2.8.1): Cracked by: jjh4ck3rs
  • SketchBook Pro (v1.1.1): Cracked by: Terry
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy HD (v1.0): Cracked by: kingq8y
  • MultiPong for iPad (v1.0): Cracked by: jerrymaguire
  • Numbers (v1.1): Cracked by: roatto
  • Craigslist Pro for iPad (v1.02): Cracked by: Aber1Kanobee
  • SCRABBLE for iPad (v1.1.61): Cracked by: tizocman

*Important Installation notes*
-Requires a Jailbroken iPad with firmware 3.2 or later.
-Requires Appsync Application from hackulous in order to sync with iTunes. If you don't have Appsync, go into cydia and add this source: find Appsync and install. Click here for more info: Appsync.

-Method to install:
1. Sync with iTunes: Open payload folder, drop .app folder into iTunes and sync.

Title: iPad Top Paid App Pack
Format: Zip/ipa
Web Links: Included
Type/Genre: Mixed


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