Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Bootable CD with anti-virus scanner to repair your PC.
Bootable CD with anti-virus scanner, which can be used on computers with any operating system, regardless of any antivirus installed or not.

Zillya! LiveCD

ISO is a bootable disk. You need to burn the downloaded image to disk and boot your computer with the resulting disc. On the drive there is an antivirus scanner, a browser for accessing Web sites, file navigator.

Anti-virus scanner has the virus database of over 3 million records, as well as heuristic analyzer that can detect new malware. Give Zillya! LiveCD a try to fully assess its capabilities!

Here are some key features of "Zillya! LiveCD":

· Scan files on hard disks and the detection of all types of malicious programs;
· Treatment, removal, quarantining malware;
· Connect to the Internet and download any files and save them to disk;
· Manipulating files and folders on the disks of your computer (create, copy, move, delete).

Homepage: http://anonymz.com/?http://zillya.com/en/index.html

Link Download :


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