Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Arti Code lampu orange pada printer canon.

Service Call Errors (by LED Blinking in Orange and Green Alternately, or Lit in Orange)
LED alternate blinking
in orange and green Error [Error code] .
2 times Carriage error [5100] .
3 times Paper feed error [6000] Make sure paper is in the tray and nothing is blocking it.
4 times Purge unit error [5C00] .
5 times ASF (cam) sensor error [5700] .
6 times Internal temperature error [5400] .
7 times Waste ink absorber full [5B00] You have printed a ton of borderless pictures and the overspray has filled the sponge.
8 times Print head temperature rise error [5200] .
9 times EEPROM error [6800] .
11 times Carriage lift mechanism error [5110] .
12 times AP position error [6A00] .
13 times Paper feed position error [6B00] Sometimes it’s something simple like a hunk of paper stuck under the print head, another more radical trick is to turn the printer upside down and shake it. Be careful though you may spill ink or cause damage to the printer.
14 times Paper feed cam sensor error [6B10]0 .
15 times USB Host VBUS over current [9000] .
16 times Valve sensor error [6C00] .
17 times Motor driver error [6D00] .
20 times Other hardware error [6500] .
Continuous alternate blinking ROM error .
Lights in orange RAM error .
. . .
Semoga bisa membantu menganalisa kerusakan pada printer canon.
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