Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

This Reset methode using software resetter (adjustment program) for epson c90, c58, C67, c79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900 has been tested. Some user reported view an message error on their computer when running the software reseter. If you see error message like “this program cannot be used”, “expired” or like that you shluld read the article “How to Run Adjustment Program for Epson Printers Whitout Error (for All Version)“to solve the error message.

To prevent error when running the adjustment program please read carefuly following instructions in order to run software resetter epson c90, c58, C67, c79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900 without error, please Change your PC date setting to :
  • 1 Mar 2006 for Resetter Epson C67
  • 24 Jul 2007 for Resetter epson C90
  • 9 Nov 2006 for Resetter epson C58
  • 10 Nov 2006 for Resetter Epson C79
  • 18 Jan 2007 for Resetter Epson R270
  • 1 jan 2007 for Resetter Epson R390
  • 13 february 2007 for Resetter Epson RX650
  • 23 january 2007 for Resetter Epson CX3900
Download Free Software Resetter for Epson (adjustment Program for Epson) :
If any error when running Program Resetter, following this instructions :
  1. Delete the folder on “C:\Adjustments_Programs\Stylus XXX” on your PC.
  2. Open registry editor and navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | EPSON | PTSG | Stylus CXX.
  3. Delete registry key “Stylus CXX or Stylus RXX” (note: XX is version of  software resetter)
  4. Close registry editor and then Reboot your PC.
To Reset Waste Ink Counter at Epson C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900
  1. Extrac file Adjustment Program you was download
  2. Switch on printer
  3. RUN AdjProg.exe file for Epson Stylus C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, RX650, CX3900 from the extracted folder
  4. choose Particular adjustment mode
  5. Go to interview Then select waste Ink pad counter then click ok
  6. Klik initialization button to clear Waste Ink Pad counter to zero
  7. Once you press Initialize button, you can see its completion message, so that press OK button
  8. To Read Status Counter Press Read button, you can see the current counter value.
  9. Turn off the printer for 5secs then turn again
  10. After you the reset successful, you can change the date setting back to normal again


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