Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Indicated : The LED lights near the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys will blink if an error in compaq notebook is detected during the start up process. The LEDs will blink a number of times in a sequence and then stop. The number of blinks in the sequence indicates what component caused an error when it was being tested during start up.

If the LEDs stop blinking and the computer does not start, you can press the power button again to repeat the tests. Count the number of blinks, and use the chart to identify the error condition.
Knowing the number of blinks is helpful when you contact an HP support agent for technical help.


1. LEDs blink 1 time     CPU                 CPU not functional
2. LEDs blink 2 times    BIOS                BIOS corruption failure
3. LEDs blink 3 times    Memory            Module error not functional
4. LEDs blink 4 times    Graphics           Graphics controller not functional
5. LEDs blink 5 times    System board    General system board failure
6. LEDs blink 6 times    BIOS                BIOS authentication failure


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