Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

The phenomenon of crop circles that are recorded in history first appeared in England in 1647, now exists in Indonesia.  Mysterious circular pattern formed in the village Jogomangsan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Some suspected it was caused by a tornado, extra high voltage overhead line or previous page, even associated with UFOs.  Questions about whether the cause of crop circlet relates to outer space creature ever posted to the U.S. space agency, NASA. What is the answer to NASA?
“Crop circles are made by humans as a joke,” said NASA senior scientist, David Morrison as reported astrobiology.nasa.gov pages.  Morrison said, it is an easy question to answer.  ”Because the original perpetrators have confessed, and showed how they do it,” he added.
The same thing was expressed by astronomer Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency. He said the crop circle is not possible due to the UFO.  There is no scientific proof of the existence of UFOs. It’s not possible to be caused by UFO circles because UFOs do not exist,” said research professor, Monday, January 24, 2011.
The same phenomenon in many countries, added Thomas, proved that crop circles are man-made engineering. Although the resulting pattern looks complicated and difficult, in fact many people who make it. There are certain tricks to make a circle, or a particular line.

RICH GIORDANO SAYS: Hey guys, I do not believe that every crop formation is made by man. Doug and Dave started saying that they did all the crop circles in their region years ago but how can they do over 200 crop formations when some were made on the same day or night hundreds of miles apart? what else do you expect nasa to say?


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