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Hati hati dengan email yang kita terima apalagi berbau menang undian atau lotere, 100% penipuan contoh lain email scam adalah kebanyakan dari situs penyedia dating datingan..
berikut contoh email scammers :
Attention: Prize Winner

Your Email id has won £1,500,000.00 Pounds in the Liverwood award, held in July 2010. For claims send form;
Complete Name...
Contact Address...
Tel: 00447031741731
Liverwood Inc
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This is confirming receipt of your correspondence and assuring you
that in line with our principles of efficiency, transparency and
customer satisfaction, you shall be treated with the best possible
service within the abilities of this office and in line with company

You have been confirmed as a winner of the lucky strike National
Liverwood Group Award computer balloting draws. Your claims file has
been duly forwarded to this office with specific instructions that we
shall be handling the transfer of your prize of £1,500,000.00 (One
Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) to you.

You are required to contact Universal Air Courier Limited with your
full contact details for the delivery of your winning cheque.

Universal Air Courier Limited
Contact person.
Mr Moore David,
Phone number: +44-704-572-4067

Congratulations once again.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Mark Williams


Congratulations!! Prize Winner;

Congratulations! Be informed that Your E-mail has been selected as £1,500,000.00 British Pounds Winner in 'January' 2011 Promo Draws: This prize was AWARDED to your E-mail Address through a ballot system by Liverwood Promo,lottery programme.

Claim Prize by sending the FORM BELOW;
Complete Name........
Cell Phone...........
Alt. Email...........

Claims Option:
1. Bank Transfer.. 2. Certified Cheque (Check)

We await your Immediate Response. We shall then, send you further message on how to claim your prize.

Dr Lucy Giles
Liverwood Inc



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