Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker.  The situation got so intense that Zuck went to a judge to request a restraining order against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda.
A formal hearing is scheduled for February 22 at Santa Clara County courthouse.  The legal filing alleges that the man tried to “follow, surveil and contact Mr. Zuckerberg using language threatening his personal safety.”
Barry Schnitt, a director at Facebook said: “We’re confirming that the restraining order was granted, but not providing any additional details.”

Pradeep has appeared several times at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, reportedly asking for money.  He also showed up at Zuckerberg’s home on January 24 and was turned away by security personnel just as he was about to walk up the front steps of the residence.

Despite verbal warnings, Manukonda continued to badger the CEO, sending flowers and a message to Zuckerberg’s sister with an additional message to her brother that included the line: “I am ready to die for you.  These are not just words … these are coming from my heart.  Please understand my pain.”
A judge has issued a temporary order demanding that Pradeep stay 300 yards away from Mark, his sister Randi Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan

Our friends at TMZ have actually spoken to Pradeep, who had this to say: “I’m a peaceful guy.  I’m sorry he thought I was trying to harm him.  I thought Mark would be able to give me advice.  I understand he’s a busy man … I’ll respect his privacy.”


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